1971 Chevelle

Our 1971 Chevelle started out as a daily driver during my Senior year in High School. After I graduated, my dad and I set out to do a couple of basic upgrades to the car. For fun, I created a rendering of what I wanted it to look like one day and before I knew it, I had people interested in having the car featured in their booth at the 2004 SEMA show. We started to really get in gear on the car, working on it whenever we had time to spare. After 9 months of hard work and the help of great sponsors, the car debuted at the SEMA show. Here are some pictures of the car in the process of being built:

Here is the finished product, which was featured on the cover of the Nov. 2005 issue of Popular Hot Rodding. To see which companies helped make this project a reality, check out my “links” page!